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Life story
July 21, 2012
Born on July 21, 2012.
January 15, 2014
My krazy kats story.
she was only ours since mid january 2014..only 6omths but we shared a life time to gether.there are alot of stray cats and dogs where we live.our roommate and me.try to feed as msny strays as we can.theres mostly ferel cat.we put food out and first come firstserve.there was a large orange cat i called Ripple.after the cat in the alien movie.he use to follow me to the store.we live on a main street and thetes to much animals are always getting hit
its so sad.i use to carry Ripple across so he wouldmt get hit.
one day wile he was busy licken him self i started to cross and when i got to the corner something told me to look back and he was crossing the street but before i could do anything a car hit him.i wraped him in my hoodie and took him to my stairs.he died in my arms i sat there and held him i didnt want to put him down.when i looked up there wad a cat sitting there by the bushes and she waslooking at me and looking at Ripple like she knew him.later we figured he was the father of her babies.she sat there for a wile thetook.of.the next morning.there she was in Ripples spot in the bushes wating to be feed
feed her every day after that.she became my krazy kat that day.

February 1, 2014
every day you were outside wating to be didnt let people get close to you.your ran away from everyone.little by little you let me get close to you.i would sit on the steps and put the bowl of kibble by my feet and you would eat and you started letting me pet would get closer and curl around my legs and climb the stairs to circle knew you had me .i feel had my heart .you clever girl.after a couple of week i noticed you were getting chubby around the middle.then i knew you were  gona have babies.were were going to take care of them together.i was so happy. 
March 17, 2014
on march 17 on st patricks krazy gave birth to 6 kittens so pretty.3boys and 3girls.their names u ask.pudden-bennie-tiger r the boys and the girls dot and dash the twins and blondie.all alive and a good home with wonderful people who will find them good homes.godbless gary and his wife.they help so many cat.u cant even believe.without them i dont no what we would have done.we didnt want her babies to be alleycat and live on the streets and end up getting hit by a car.we wanted better lifes for them.they were our girls babies.
April , 2014
your babies were so pretty.all diffrent colors.none looked like you.i think Ripple ( R.I.P) was their were the best didnt want to get up to eat while you were feeding your i would hold the bowl of milk so you could drink it and still lay there and feed the mom were always on guard.watching them like a hawk.chased away dogs or cats that got to close.but you let me touch them and i put my flanelshirts to make it soft for them.i dont have alot of pics of krazy but i vidieod the kittens all the time.taped them from first day of life till the day we took them to there new home where they would be taken care of until they get their forever homes.
i remember the nite it was 2:00am and i could hear it pouring outside.i took a box filled witj dads teeshirts.when diwn stairs and you were under the bushes the babies huddled around you and you were trying to lick them dry.thats a good momma.i put them in tge box took them in the house you didnt know if you should come in the house.but you did i dryed the kids and you .you and the kuds sleep good that nite.after that nite we never took the babies back out side.they loved our room they had the run of it.louie(our chiwawa)was not happy but he was never mean to came in & out of the house to feed them and sleep with felt good to know they were safe.
 when They were 6weeksold it was time for them to start their new life.when you went out for your and gypsy took the babied to their new home.we were sad to see them go but it was best for them to have better lifes.when we got back you were wating for us you knew something was wrong. you searched the cryed which made me cry to i felt so gulty for making yougo thr so much sadness you wined all went out side looking in the bushes were they were looked all tru the took weeks before you stopped broke my heart to see you the longrun it was for the best.i still felt very looked so sad.
May , 2014
You still came in and out of the house not calling your kids but sniffing around like you were looking for something but not sure what.i felt such gult.every morning i would look out the window and there you would be on the porch or on the grass by the stopsign wating for me so you could go with me to walk louie and when we were done id give you breakfast.but you wouldnt eat until i scrached you.rubbed you ears and took ahold of your head and gave it a playful shake you were a tuff girl then yoy would roll on your back and when i tryed to rub you belly you would grab my arm and your nails would stick in and it was hard to get you to let never played nice.but thats my krazy unpredictable.but you could have drue blood and iwould have still loved you.when you love something or someone you take the good with the bad.there was more good than bad.
June , 2014
we wanted to get u fixed so you wouldnt have more babie not that we didnt love your kitten.they ran our room.but theres to.many strays and they have a very shirt lifespan on our street.tomany dogs and cat killed by lest 1month.sometines more.breaks my we needed to do it fast.because after you had your babies.lets just say you had to many young men looking to be your main loved the nite me and ange(chickys mom)told me there was going to be a adoption fair at the labrea ange &me packed up louie and headed there on the bus.louie love to get in his icarrier as long as he gets to go.there were so many cats & dogs to be was so cool.we found the fixnation both.they have a trap & release program.we meet a realy cool gyt named william.i told him my krazys story and he told me to email him and they would fix her kind of deal since we be poor city folks.but proud.theres more than my krazy and louie.& of course my family&  my get the picture.sorry i strayed. so a wonderful lady named maria.came picked up krazy.brought her back the next nite.this young lady worked all day and still took the time to pick her up.take her to get fixed then work alday pic her up from the hospital &bring her home.sorry for got to.mention we have no car.but i would have taken her on the bus.bur the people at fixnation.saud they would help.they are the best.godbless them for all their help.they are a godsent for straycats .They call them Feralcats but i perfer to call .them she sleep pretty much all the next day.they gave her her shot and tiped her ear.and she was good to go.u could never re pay them SHOUT OUT TO ALL AT FIXNATION.LOVE U LOTS
July 21, 2014
This is the hardest part.i knew i couldnt keep you forever.But i did think i would lose you so soon.i knew you being an alleycat  i couldnt keep you in the always went down the block to hang out with that old cat and roll in the really liked to get were alway careful crossing the small street to get over there.but you had a bad habit when it was hot of sleeping under the parked cars.i use to tell you it was not safe to be under there and i would chase you out.when i crossed the stteet to go to the store you knew to wate for me and not follow.youd lay on the grass and just wate for me then we would hang out on our and you and louie would watch the people walk by.louie would bark at just sat there and kicked werent scard of dogs or just didnt let people get close to you.on the day i lost you.i went out to walk louie and looked for you and i didnt see you.i called you you didnt come.i thought you were down the block.we walked down and you werent there
i had a bad feeling.i looked around and there you were under the neighbors van.i said silly girl ive been calling you why didnt you opened your mouth and no sound came out. i ran up stairs to put louie with dad and got a sheet to wrap you in i knew something bad was wrong.i slid you out werein bad shape your back was smashed and you couldnt move your back couldnt even cry or make a sound. i wraped you up a box from the garage.i took you across the street tothe little animal hospital.they told  me you were to badly  hurt .that you wouldnt make i took you home.made you as comforable as i went home that day.i wish i could have done more.i wish i could have made you stay in the wasnt ment to be.God needed a fierce warrior to guard the gates of he called you home.i miss you.i love you.Youll allways be in my heart. We all miss you to muchie
July 21, 2014
Passed away on July 21, 2014.