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All for the love of Kr...
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your mommy
You'll always be with me.all.mommy's love
your mommy
Your mommy
Miss you every day 
your mommy
your mommy
Hi my girl. Sorry it took me so long to get back. I've missed you everyday. think of you everyday. Miss your Lil nose and rubbing ur face. Wish you where here. We keep the kittens we found in the alley. We got a home for firehouse  the biggest one. He got a really good home with two kids. We have flash and Friday there good boys. And Maxie is tuff like you.she even looks like you. But no one clicks ever replace you or take your ur place in my heart. No word could let you know what you mean to me. My heart still akes for my krazy .my bad girl. All my love. Your  mommy.m
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