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All for the love of Kr...
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All for the love of KrazyKat
debby alverez September 4, 2014
her mommy
image i miss seeing the love in your eyes
debby alverez August 10, 2014
her mommy
image This is how i picture heaven.beautyful.You and Bella running tru the fields playing all day.waite for me when God calls my name ill be you at the you always have.always will
debby alverez August 6, 2014
image I want to thank the makers of this website for such a wonderful place to honor our Fur-Babies.all us mommys thank you.i especially want to thank Bella and her mom they lite the first candle for my girl and continue to give their suport.thanks to everyone who vists krazys memorial.thanks to krazykats mommy
debby alverez August 6, 2014
her mommy
image This has been a very hard time for me and not aliy of people understand the loss of a pet
there are people close to my heart that no matter how crazy they think i am their always there for daughter christy who always lights a candle for my girl.and lights one from her fur-babies.gypsy who always bought snacks for my girl.and angela and tracy and chicky who gave me so much food to feed krazy and any stray that came around to eat.they all.gave my girl so much love.for an alleycat who really didnt like anyone but me god only knows why.but she will always be my krazy staker kat.forever in my Heart

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